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You’ve noticed some changes.

You’ve been feeling sad, anxious, or don’t get any joy out of activities that you used to love.

Don’t worry, we can help you get through this.

Anxiety, Depression, or Bipolar Treatment

Anxiety, depression, bipolar and chronic stress can severely affect your day-to-day life and prevent you from enjoying things you used to, make social situations overwhelming, disrupt your sleep and eating patterns, and much more.

Anxiety, depression, bipolar and chronic stress are symptoms many people experience and often it can feel overwhelming. You can be overcome with loneliness and hopelessness as well as feel discouraged.

In truth, anxiety, depression, bipolar, and chronic stress are a symptom of something greater.

There are numerous underlying factors, such as hormone imbalances, digestive disturbances, and metabolic disorders, which can create mood changes.

It is our focus to approach your mental health treatment with natural therapies that treat the underlying cause – not just mask the symptoms. By treating the root cause, we’ll not only help you feel better, we’ll help you stay better so you won’t feel like you are on a roller coaster with your emotions anymore.

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Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar & Chronic Stress are connected to our hormones, digestive health, and diet – Learn More in Our Blogs

There are many medications, lifestyle practices, and dietary/nutritional factors which can increase your risk of developing a mental health or mood disorder, which are often overlooked. These include:

Birth control pills & hormonal IUDs

Antibiotic use

Lack of exercise

Hormone imbalances

Food allergies/intolerances

Poor blood sugar control

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)

Chronic inflammation

Nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin D, magnesium, and B12

Low anti-oxidant, highly processed diets

Lack of meaningful social interactions

Excessive social media use

Naturopathic Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Treatment

Whole-Person Approach

We offer advanced laboratory testing to uncover imbalances in gut flora, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones, food allergies, and genetic aberrations, which could be contributing to your symptoms. Additionally, we provide comprehensive care which addresses all of your physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

Our anxiety, depression, and bipolar treatment plans are always individualized to you and include solutions to help you feel better both short and long term.

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Common Mental Health/Mood Disorders We Treat





Chronic Stress


Irritability & Anger

Chronic Fatigue

We also work with men and women who may not have an official diagnosis but are feeling stuck, generally unhappy, or lack a feeling of purpose.

Naturopathic mental Health Treatment

Our Naturopathic Approach Includes

  • Advanced Laboratory Testing
  • Individualized Diet & Nutritional Counseling
  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
  • Targeted Herbal & Nutritional Supplements
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutritional IV Therapy
  • Stress Reduction & Mind-Body Therapies
  • Medication Management
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Conventional Treatment

The conventional treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar and chronic stress is often ineffective. This is because it only addresses the symptoms, not the underlying causes – here’s what happens with traditional treatments:

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety comes in many shapes and forms – from generalized anxiety, excessive worry about the past or future, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Furthermore, anxiety affects men and women, as well as children and can be due to societal pressures, financial instability, or bullying. Conventional anxiety treatment most commonly includes anti-anxiety medications, which have high addiction potential. Most importantly, they may be effective at decreasing feelings of anxiety.

However, they never fix the underlying issue. In addition, after stopping these drugs, there is a high risk of rebound anxiety, which is often more intense than the original anxiety.

Anxiety and Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress Treatment

Chronic stress is a byproduct of the high demands our society places on us. For instance, we are expected to work 40+ hour work weeks, be available via email and text 24 hours a day, all while keeping up appearances on social media. Often, this is in addition to taking care of a household and children, as well as paying down student loan debt. It is important to note, there are no standard conventional treatments for chronic stress. Above all, there is often a stigma around working less and taking down time for yourself.

Unfortunately, stress is implicated in almost every chronic disease there is – heart disease, cancer, digestive issues, etc., and it is a condition that warrants attention and effective therapies.

Depression Treatment

Typically, conventional depression treatment is anti-depressant medications as a first-line therapy. These drugs increase the amount of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain by decreasing its breakdown. Interestingly, low serotonin was previously thought to be the cause of depression. However, it is well established that this is not the case.

Unfortunately, the conventional standard of care has not yet caught up with this understanding, and anti-depressant drugs are still prescribed for depression. The truth is, research shows that these medications work no better than a placebo (a sugar pill with no active ingredient). Moreover, these drugs come with numerous side effects that are in some cases, worse than the depression itself! Importantly, coming off of anti-depressants can be a long process with various withdrawal effects. Therefore, it should always be done under the supervision of a trained physician.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in pharmacology and can help with this process in cases where it is appropriate.

Depression Treatment
Bipolar Depression Treatment


Bipolar is a mood disorder characterized by shifts in energy, behaviors, and mood. In this condition, there are often periods of depressive symptoms, and times of high energy, mood known as manic periods. Furthermore, manic periods may include risky behaviors, grandiose thinking, delusions or psychosis, and a decreased need for food or sleep. However, it is also possible to experience both depressive and manic symptoms at the same time, known as a mixed episode. With bipolar disorder, mood shifts can be rapid, or there can be prolonged periods of depression or mania lasting months or years.

Conventional treatment often includes mood stabilizing medications, antipsychotic drugs, as well as anti-depressants. Importantly, there are cases and instances where these drugs are necessary. However, many people report that they do not feel like themselves on these drugs and feel emotionally flat-lined. What’s more, these medications have several side effects, such as weight gain and thyroid disease.

In short, bipolar ranges from mild to severe, and it is recommended to always consult with a licensed physician before making any changes to your prescription medications.

Stop the cycle and start feeling like your self again through treatments that work to heal the body from the inside out. Schedule an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctors today.

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