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Microneedling with PRP – The Vampire Facial Explained

You may have seen Kim Kardashian on her social media with a face covered in blood - no she hasn’t finally lost it - she had a vampire facial! The vampire facial is a popular anti-aging technique among celebrities. A Vampire Facial is actually called micro-needling facial with PRP, or [...]

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The Big Fat Lie You’ve Been Told About Acne

For a long time, acne has been blamed on p. acnes - a bacteria that lives on the skin. Millions of teens and adults have been prescribed antibiotics to kill off the purposed acne perpetrator. The truth is, acne is not simply a bacterial infection - it is a complex [...]

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How to Choose a Naturopathic Doctor

It is no secret that people are fed up with the healthcare system in America. The medical system is great for emergencies like a broken bone or a heart attack. However, where it does not shine is in chronic illnesses such as anxiety, diabetes, chronic stress, and complex hormone imbalances. [...]

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How to Pick a High Quality Supplement

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I commonly recommend nutritional and herbal supplements to my patients, and when I do, I am particular about both the brand and exact product. The quality of the ingredients, as well as the processing and handling of the product, can make the difference of whether a [...]

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