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Exposed: The Depressing Truth About ’The Pill’

Exposed: The depression truth about 'The Pill' As a Naturopathic Doctor, who commonly treats mental health concerns, I am always looking for the underlying cause of depressive and anxiety symptoms and looking for obstacles which prevent symptom resolution. One of my first questions to women who [...]

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Hormone Balance and Mental Health

Mood and mental health are complex and involve many factors such as diet and digestive health, as mentioned in previous blogs. Another piece of the puzzle is hormonal balance. An imbalance of hormones can affect the health of men and women and can contribute to physical, emotional and mental well-being. An [...]

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The Gut-Brain Connection: Mental Health Insights

When you feel sad, or scared, or anxious, it is common to feel “a pit in your stomach” and I am sure you have heard someone talk about “a gut-wrenching feeling.” Those aren’t just idioms — there is some real truth to why you feel those feelings in your gut. Your digestive tract’s [...]

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How Your Diet Affects Your Mental Health

Depression is one of the most common — as well as most disabling disorders — affecting Americans. The World Health Organization estimates that depression affects more than 350 million people across the globe. Unfortunately, depression is often either over-treated, un-addressed or treated with medications which produce side effects or simply [...]

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