What Type of Lab Testing Do You Offer?

Our Naturopathic Doctors utilize a variety of lab testing including functional labs such as food allergy panels, comprehensive stool analysis testing, DUTCH hormone testing assessing both your levels and processing of hormones, adrenal stress tests, micronutrient testing, mold testing, heavy metal testing, and more. We also offer very affordable self-pay lab [...]

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Do Naturopathic Doctors Take Insurance?

Currently, there are no insurance providers that allow naturopathic doctors in their network. This means naturopathic doctors cannot bill insurance for office visits. You can however ask your insurance provider if they reimburse for out-of-network providers. This means that some people can get money back from their insurance for their visit! [...]

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Who is a Good Candidate for PDO Threads?

PDO threads are suitable for a wide array of people including all skin tones, textures, and age groups. They are most effective on people who have some lax skin they would like to lift and tighten and are especially effective for nasolabial lines, jowls, and jawlines. People with a lot of [...]

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How Long do PDO Thread Lifts Last?

The PDO threads will begin to dissolve after about 4-6 months. However, their effects last much longer than 4-6 months in most people. This is because the threads stimulate collagen production in the area they were placed, which remains long after the threads dissolve. In many cases, the results of a [...]

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PDO Thread Lift Cost

The cost of PDO threads in Arizona vary based on the following factors: The clinic's location. Some areas of the state, such as Scottsdale, are generally more expensive vs. Gilbert where PDO thread lift prices are typically less expensive Who is performing the thread lift. This factor may or may not [...]

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Conditions to Tell Your Doctor About Before Kybella

If you have had previous surgery or cosmetic treatments on your face, neck, or chin Have had or have medical conditions in or near the neck area Any issues with swallowing If you have bleeding problems or take blood-thinning medications If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding [...]

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What are the Side Effects of Kybella?

The most common side effects of Kybella is swelling. Brushing and numbness after your treatment are also possible. Some people experience hair loss in the area. There are some rare, more serious side effects which include: Nerve injury in the jaw (which can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness) [...]

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