How Do PDO Threads Work?

PDO threads are inserted into the skin using blunt cannulas. Once inserted, the small barbs on the threads create a support structure that helps lift and tighten the skin and deep fat pads of the face. Think of PDO threads as scaffolding for the deeper face structure. Over time, the threads [...]

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Dictating Care

In many cases, insurance dictates treatment options. For instance, this means that despite what the doctor may think is the best course of therapy for your health concern, insurance will only cover specific treatment approaches. An example of this is chronic back pain. Although there is an abundance of research supporting [...]

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Only One Concern at a Time

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to restrict the number of health concerns that can be addressed at each visit with the doctor. For instance, this means that if you are experiencing anxiety, high stress, irritable bowel syndrome, and painful periods, you may not have the opportunity to discuss all [...]

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Most doctors in the insurance model have a minimal amount of time to spend with each patient – typically 5-15 minutes. However, this is not enough time to conduct a thorough past and present health assessment, let alone discuss lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. Therefore, this creates a huge obstacle [...]

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