The number of units of Botox/Dysport you will need depends on a few factors.

1. Which areas are being treated: Some areas only take a few units, such as vertical lip lines whereas others like the frown lines (11’s) require a higher number. Some averages include:

Crow’s feet – 54-90 units Dysport | 18-40 units Botox

Frown lines (11’s) – 45-120 units | 15-40 units Botox

Forehead lines – 15-45 unit | 5-15 units Botox

2.The strength of your muscles: Deeper more established expression lines and wrinkles tend to need more units than lines that are just forming. Also, men tend to have stronger facial muscles than women and therefore require more units.

3. The intensity of ‘freezing’ you want: If you wish to slightly soften your expression you will need fewer units than somebody who wants to prevent all movement.