Botox/Dysport are prescription only medications that if prescribed by your doctor are effective at softening expression lines by preventing muscle movement. Most fine lines and wrinkles respond to Botox or Dysport, however, there are a few conditions and groups of people it is not appropriate for.

1. Women who are pregnant or nursing.

2. People with an anaphylactic egg allergy.

3. People who have had an allergic reaction to Botox or Dysport in the past.

4. People who have deep lines at rest (when not moving their muscles) may not notice a drastic change in their wrinkles, as their muscle are present even without muscle movement. However, over time with continued treatments, these lines may soften.

5. Botox/Dysport is not effective for sagging skin or crepey skin as this is due to skin laxity which will not be improved with Botox/Dysport treatment.