You may hear “Botox” and automatically think of a beauty treatment that will drain your bank account. While it is true that cosmetic injectables like Botox and Dysport aren’t necessarily cheap, they may be more affordable than you think. Some important factors can influence how much you end up spending to soften your expression lines.

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What is Botox/Dysport?

Both Botox and Dysport are FDA approved injectables that soften expression lines and help to prevent deep wrinkles from forming. Read more about the difference between Botox vs. Dysport here.

These injectables are referred to as “neuromodulators” because they “modulate” the nerves. In other words, they bind to the nerves, which control your muscle movement and prevent the muscles from being able to contract – for about three months. The larger the dose of Botox or Dysport, the more of a “freezing” effect it will have on the muscle. This is important as both Botox and Dysport are sold by “units.”

Therefore the number of Botox or Dysport units you have injected determines the cost.

There are a few factors which will affect how much your Botox treatment costs, including:

1. Where you get it done and by who

2. Your desired outcome

3. Which areas/how many areas of your face you have treated

4. If you are male or female

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Where You Get Your Botox or Dysport Done & By Who

Botox and Dysport prices range from clinic to clinic and from city to city. Big-ticket areas of the city tend to have higher rates on their medical aesthetic procedures. Also, different practitioners may set their prices for Botox and Dysport higher or lower than average. For instance, a top-rated plastic surgeon may have her/his prices much higher than a smaller clinic, which is just starting. 

For the most part, Botox tends to be priced around $10 per unit and Dysport at $3.33 per unit.

Keep in mind, three units of Dysport = one unit of Botox, so they turn out to be the same price in most cases.

We use both Botox & Dysport at our office which is priced at $10/Unit and $3.33/Unit, respectively.

Please, if a price looks too good to be true, it is! Purchasing Botox or Dysport as a medical professional isn’t cheap – so if you see Botox units priced at less than $7/unit, think twice before scheduling.

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Are you looking on Groupon or other discount sites? You may want to think again. Both Botox and Dysport must are dry powders that need to be reconstituted with saline (saltwater) before they are injected. Discount MedSpas trying to make a few bucks (and don’t plan on making you a repeat customer) might add extra saline to make their product “go a little further.” What is the result? Well, an unfortunate outcome for you. Either ineffective product or Botox that spreads to other areas besides where it was injected, which can lead to heavy eyelids or crooked smiles. No thanks.

Also, there are counterfeit Botox and Dysport vials (like everything else), so make sure you are working with a reputable health care provider who is licensed and legit! Don’t be shy to ask your injector to show you the box or vial they are using if you have any doubts. 

Your Desired Outcome

Some people wish to soften their frown lines and crow’s feet while others want to look completely plastic at all costs. Softening expression lines involve fewer units of Botox or Dysport than a completely frozen look. For each area of the face, there is a general range of how many units to use per area. For people who want a softened yet natural look, you are likely to fall on the lower end of the range. For those who don’t want their face to move, you can bet on being in the upper range.

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Which Areas/How Many Areas of Your Face You Have Treated

I’m sure you can do the math, but more treatment areas usually equate to more units and, therefore, more dollars. So, if you have your “11’s” between your eyebrows treated and your friend has her chin dimpling, her gummy smile, and throws in a lip flip – her treatment will cost more, right? Well, not exactly.

Different areas of the face require different amounts of units. For example, the glabella area (11’s between your eyebrows) typically requires 25 – 40 units of Botox or (75 – 120 units of Dysport). On the other hand, chin dimpling, a gummy smile, and a lip flip may likely require a mere 12 units of Botox (36 units of Dysport) in total!

As you can see, when asking how much Botox costs, it is important to look at both what areas are being treated as well as how many treatment areas there are.

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Here are some averages of different treatment areas we commonly see at our office.

Remember, these are just averages, and each person is different. 

Glabella: 15 – 40 units of Botox or (45 – 120 units of Dysport) = $150 – $400

Crow’s Feet: 10 – 30 units of Botox ( 30 – 90 units of Dysport) = $100 – $300

Forehead: 5 – 12 units of Botox ( 15 – 36 units of Dysport) = $50 – $120

Lip Flip: 4 units of Botox ( 12 units of Dysport) = $40 

Chin Dimpling: 4 – 6 units of Botox ( 12 – 18 units of Dysport) = $40 – $60

Downturned Mouth: 4 – 8 units of Botox ( 12 – 24 units of Dysport) = $40 – $80

Gummy Smile: 4 units of Botox ( 12 units of Dysport) = $40

Neck Bans: 10 units of Botox each ( 30 units of Dysport) = $100

Are You Male or Female?

Another important consideration is your sex. Whether you are male or female can affect the strength and density of your muscles (hello, testosterone!) Typically, males require a dosage, not the higher end of the range than females do. However, this rule isn’t always in place. Some women who have genetically stronger, thicker muscle density require a large number of Botox or Dysport units. On the other hand, some males, especially those who have been getting Botox or Dysport for a long time, require fewer units than other males. 

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Working with a licensed and trained medical professional will help you select which areas of your face are best suited to be treated with Botox or Dysport, as well as how many units.

Our doctors like to begin on the conservative side (as there is no way of reversing neuromodulators). Once our doctors get to know your face and how you respond, as well as talk to you about past experiences, they will understand the optimal number of units to get your desired result. 

If you live in the Gilbert AZ area are interested in Botox/Dysport, Dermal Fillers, Micro-needling facials with PRP. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our medical aesthetics doctor or book your treatment today!