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Chronic Pain Treatment

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, including back pain, joint pain, and widespread body pain. As a result, many experience a lower quality of life, have issues being active and miss out on the things they love.

Every person is different, which means there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to pain management. Therefore, the first step is to uncover the underlying reasons for your pain.


Naturopathic Chronic Pain Treatment
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Common Causes of Chronic Pain:


Rheumatoid arthritis




Thyroid & adrenal issues

Chronic inflammation


Conventional Treatment for Chronic Pain

The most common conventional treatments for chronic pain are pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medications or injections, or opiates. Also, in some cases, specific exercises and physical therapy are part of treatment. However, these medications are only partly effective and come with a host of side effects. For instance, anti-inflammatory injections (cortisone injections) may help to manage pain short term, but they never fix the problem. What’s more, these injections cause the breakdown of joints and ligaments. As a result, this can create more damage long-term. In short, the majority of conventional treatments for chronic pain focus on symptom management, not the resolution of symptoms.

Conventional Treatment of Chronic Pain
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Our Naturopathic Approach to Chronic Pain

We Treat the Cause of Your Pain

At Onyx Integrative, our Naturopathic Doctors begin by performing an in-depth assessment to determine the root cause of your chronic pain. This includes a detailed history of your health, current symptoms, medications, and any other relevant details. Next, our doctors perform a physical exam to assess your areas of pain. During the physical exam, the doctors are looking for changes in muscle tone and strength, nerve activation, joint functionality, and trigger points. After this, the doctors will decide if imaging and laboratory work is necessary.

Once the doctors identify the factors contributing to your chronic pain, they create a customized treatment plan, including safe, effective, and natural therapies that address the underlying cause.

Naturopathic Approach to Chronic Pain

Frequently used therapies include:

Joint Injections


PRP injections

Neural therapy

Chinese Medicine



Gua Sha

Physical Therapies



Interferential Current Therapy


Nutritional supplements

Herbal supplements


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