Dr. Stephanie Nichols is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Arizona. She’s passionate about helping women resolve their anxiety, depression, and chronic stress through restoring balance to their hormones, and digestive functioning. She also approaches autoimmune conditions from a whole-person standpoint and uncovers the deeper issues through advanced laboratory testing. Dr. Stephanie assesses her patients from a Naturopathic as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint. Her treatment plans are unique in that they are completely customized to suit each patient on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

In addition, Dr. Stephanie believes in looking as healthy on the outside as you feel on the inside and offers an array of medical aesthetic services to restore a youthful, healthy appearance.

Dr. Stephanie Nichols Natruopathic Doctor Gilbert AZ


Dr. Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences, with honors, from the University of Alberta. After recognizing the ability of food choices to impact several chronic diseases, she then pursued her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating with honors.

She is a consultant and nutraceutical formulator for a number of companies as well as a freelance medical blog writer.


Dr. Stephanie Nichols has received advanced training in:

Integrative mental health

Food allergies & SIBO

Integrative treatments for PCOS

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Cosmetic Injections: Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau; Dermal fillers,PDO Threads, Kybella. Chemical Peels, & Microneedling.


I would highly recommend going to see Dr. Stephanie Nichols. She is approachable and made me feel very comfortable, which isn’t always the case when seeing a new doctor. She is knowledgeable and happily answered all of my questions and concerns.

Emma O

Dr. Stephanie Nichols has been working with my teenage son for several months now and she is making a world of difference in his life! When we first contacted Dr. Nichols, our son was not himself at all and we had no idea what to do. Dr. Nichols was extremely thorough and attentive to finding the root cause of his problems. My son has made absolutely amazing progress under the care of Dr. Nichols and we are now seeing our son recover from some severe imbalances and turn back into the person we recognize again! Dr. Stephanie is absolutely wonderful and I am constantly recommending her to our family and friends!

Elizabeth P

I began seeing Dr. Stephanie when I was at the end of my health rope… I was having frequent seizures, depression and other physical struggles.

Dr. Stephanie got to the root of why I was having debilitating issues and I am feeling amazing and so much healthier than I have in years.

She listened, she dug, she solved.

Dr Stephanie is kind, patient and attentive. She is a very informative and caring Doctor and super easy to share with. Would def recommend seeing her to anyone seeking honest professional care.

Deanna R

When Dr. Stephanie’s practice was in Kansas I went to her. She helped me with my immune system. Acupuncture with gems helped me so much! She is so knowledgeable about the mind/body connection so Arizona is lucky to have her!

Kristin R

Dr. Stephanie is the only person I trust with my filler and cosmetic injection needs! She’s a true artist, and I’ve never felt prettier! After my last appt my husband could not stop looking at me and couldn’t put his finger on why “I was looking so beautiful”! Thanks Dr Stephanie! You’re the best!

Chanelle S

I have been working with Dr. Nichols for almost 6 months and have felt consistent progress in my health. It has been such a positive experience to have Dr. Nichols offer her experience, feedback and guidance in sessions that are not rushed, and feel genuinely heard. The ability to utilize the telehealth has been a game changer in my ability to focus on my health with my busy schedule. Absolutely recommend!!

Beth B
Why I Became a Naturopathic Doctor Gilbert AZ

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