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First Visit

What to expect as a new patient

Your first visit at Onyx Integrative is to establish care with the Naturopathic Doctors.  During this 90 minute visit comprehensive consult, you and the doctor will review all of your medical history, review previous labs, discuss your current health concerns, and establish your health goals.

The doctor’s goal during this initial visit is to perform an in-depth assessment to determine what underlying factors are contributing to your symptoms, establish a diagnosis, and design an individualized treatment plan. In addition, the Naturopathic Doctor may also order both standard and specialized laboratory testing to look deeper into causes of your condition, which most conventional doctors do not evaluate.

First Visit at Onyx Integrative Medicine
First Visit with Naturopathic Doctor

The Naturopathic Doctors treat a variety of conditions including:

Anxiety, depression, bipolar & chronic stress



Digestive Issues

Chronic Pain

Type 2 Diabetes


Initial Consults are $265

Pricing & Payment Options

Your Treatment Plan

Every treatment plan at Onyx is completely customized to your individual health needs as well as budget by Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kasey. After your initial visit, together, you and the Naturopathic Doctor, will discuss treatment options and devise a comprehensive treatment plan utilizing an integrative medical approach.

The frequency and number of follow-up visits vary from person, to person, and depend on the complexity and severity of your concerns. However, on average, you can expect to follow up every 2-4 weeks in the first couple of months, and an average of once every 1-3 months afterward.

Treatment Plans May Include:

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine

Clinical nutrition

Counseling & Mind-body therapy

Diet & lifestyle counseling

Herbal medicine


Hormone replacement

IV therapy

Joint Injections

Medical aesthetics

Medication management

*some services are not available in Kansas

Naturopathic Medicine is focused on resolving your symptoms and is best suited to those who are ready to make positive changes in their lifestyle and dietary choices. Therefore, it is essential to understand that compliance and consistency are critical to your success. Furthermore, at Onyx, we partner with you through your health journey and are results-focused. In short, we strive to educate you on how to resolve your symptoms and keep them from coming back.

First Visit seeing Naturopathic Doctor

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