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What to expect as a new patient

Establishing care at Onyx begins with an initial, comprehensive consult, which are between 60-90 minutes. At this first appointment, you and the doctor will review all of your medical history, review previous labs, discuss your current health concerns, and establish your health goals.

The doctor’s goal during this initial visit is to perform an in-depth assessment to determine what underlying factors are contributing to your symptoms, establish a diagnosis, and design an individualized treatment plan. The doctor may also order both standard and specialized laboratory testing to look deeper into causes of your condition, which most conventional doctors do not evaluate.

The frequency and number of follow-up visits vary from person to person, and depend on the complexity and severity of your concerns. On average, you can expect to follow up every 2-4 weeks in the first couple months, and an average of once every 1-3 months afterward.

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