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Feeling tired, run-down, or under the weather?

Looking for a quick, effective way to boost your immune system, hydration, and detoxification?

…then it’s time to try a Vitamin IV or Vitamin Booster Shot!

Why Vitamin IVs?

Vitamin IVs and vitamin shots are the ultimate way for your body to receive vitamins and minerals. Vitamin IVs and vitamin shots deliver nutrients like energy-boosting B vitamins and immune-boosting vitamin C directly into your bloodstream.

People all over the country are loving the way they feel from vitamin IVs!

The Doctors an Onyx Integrative Medicine offer several different types of Vitamin IVs including our most popular Meyer’s Cocktail.


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Vitamin IV Menu

Meyer’s Cocktail IV

A mix of energy and immune boosting vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium. Perfect for anyone who needs an energy boost or wants general immune support.

meyers cocktail gilbert az

Glutathione Detox IV

This vitamin IV includes the classic Meyer’s IV with an added mega-dose of our master antioxidant, glutathione. If you are looking to kick-start a spring detox, brighten your skin, or want to support liver health, this IV is for you.

glutathione IV gilbert az

Brain-Beauty-Body IV

This IV is designed to give your body a mega-dose amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle, collagen, neurotransmitters. Feel more calm, strong, and beautiful today.

Mega Vitamin C IV

An ultra-immune support IV packed full of high-potency vitamin C along with electrolytes and B12. This IV is perfect for chronic viral infections such as Lyme’s Disease, EBV, or prevention of colds and the flu.

vitamin c iv gilbert az

Hydration IV

Feeling dehydrated? Perhaps you drank a little too much over the weekend? Or maybe you have been feeling the AZ heat and need a hydration boost. We’ve got you covered with our pure hydration IV. Packed with electrolytes, this IV will have you feeling good as new!

hydration iv gilbert az

Iron Infusion IV

We offer iron IV infusions to support people with low iron stores such as those following a vegan diet or individuals who have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. *Note: Labs may be required.

iron iv GILBERT AZ

Migraine IV

If you are suffering from a headache, migraine, or hangover, this IV is for you. It includes high levels of B vitamins, electrolytes, anti-nausea meds as well as anti-inflammatories to help you get relief – fast!

hangover IV gilbert az

What Vitamin IV Therapy Can Do for You

The benefits of Vitamin IVs come from the mega-dose of vitamins and minerals. Many people notice they feel more energized, calm, and all around better almost immediately.

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Vitamin Booster Shots

Vitamin shots are a quick and easy way to get a mega-dose of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Most booster shot takes less than 5 minutes! Come on your lunch break or on your way home from work or running errands.

Energy Shot

Includes a high-potency blend of B vitamins to support your metabolism, mitochondria, and brain-power.

energy shot gilbert az

B12 Shot

The most bioavailable form of B12 to promote energy and metabolism.

b12 shot gilbert az

Glutathione Push

Our master anti-oxidant – great for assisting with detox, macular degeneration, skin health & decreasing inflammation. *30 minute push

glutathione iv gilbert az

Fat Burner Shot

This shot includes carnitine and amino acids to support increased fat breakdown.

fat burner shot gilbert az
vitamin iv gilbert az

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