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Treat Two Areas With PDO Threads & Receive Free Lip Filler!

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PDO Thread Lift

Gilbert AZ

Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift 

PDO Threads are a revolutionary new aesthetic treatment for lifting sagging skin, tightening the look of jawlines & jowls, and creating a bright, open eye.

While Botox and fillers are wonderful options for relaxing expression lines and adding volume to the face, PDO Threads are the ideal option for people looking for a non-surgical facelift. PDO Threads provide an instant lift as well as stimulate collagen production for long-term benefit

Did we mention they can be used on the body too?

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Before & After PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lift gilbertAZ
Lower Face & Jawline
PDO thread lift gilbertAZ
Lower Face & Jawline
PDO thread lift gilbertAZ
Lower Face & Jawline
Eye lift, Mid & Lower Face
Eye lift, Mid & Lower Face
Eye lift, Mid & Lower Face
Mid Face, Lower Face & Jawline
Mid Face, Lower Face & Jawline
thread lift gilbert arizona
Lower Face & Jawline
PDO thread lift gilbertAZ
Mid Face & Lower Face
thread lift gilbertAZ
Mid Face & Lower Face

PDO Thread Lift Treatment

PDO Threads are inserted into areas of the face and neck where there is lax or sagging skin. They help to suspend the tissue and hold it in place, creating lift and tightening. Over 6 months, the body will break down and dissolve the threads, leaving new collagen in its place. The best part is that the results last up to two years.

pdo thread lift gilbert AZ

PDO Threading: What to Expect

Your appointment begins with an in-depth assessment of your facial structure and consultation about your aesthetic goals. Next, the doctor will discuss the areas that are suitable for PDO threads and the number of threads needed to achieve your desired result.

Each treatment area is first numbed with lidocaine. Then, the threads are inserted with a blunt cannula that glides beneath the skin along areas of your face and/or neck.

Over the next 7-14 days, your treatment areas may feel sore and tight. There may also be some bruising and swelling afterward as well. The lifting effects will be immediate, and after about 5 weeks, you will see the full result. The threads dissolve over a 6 month period, leaving new collagen in their place. Results can last up to 2 years, however, many people benefit from touch-ups prior to 2 years.

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Dr. Stephanie is the only person I trust with my filler and dysport needs! She’s a true artist, and I’ve never felt prettier! After my last appt my husband could not stop looking at me and couldn’t put his finger on why “I was looking so beautiful”! Thanks Dr Stephanie! You’re the best!

Chanelle S.

Dr. Stephanie Nichols is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever worked with.  I can tell that she is not only passionate about what she does, but excels in her field. I’ve received wrinkle relaxers, micro-needling facials, and fillers from Dr. Nichols as well, which I had fabulous results with. I would highly recommend Onyx Integrative to anyone looking to change their health for the better!

S Michelle

Dr Stephanie is a true artist. I have gone to her several times for Dysport, fillers and vampire facials. She is very honest about what to expect and helped me understand what the best approach for my face was. I am very pleased with the results and the best part is, no one can tell I had ‘work done’! It’s very natural!

Natalia U

PDO Thread Lift FAQ

Who is a Good Candidate for PDO Threads?2021-11-28T16:32:34+00:00

PDO threads are suitable for a wide array of people including all skin tones, textures, and age groups. They are most effective on people who have some lax skin they would like to lift and tighten and are especially effective for nasolabial lines, jowls, and jawlines. People with a lot of loose or sagging skin may not notice as dramatic of benefits as someone with mild to moderate laxity since the skin is not being removed, just lifted (It has to go somewhere!)

How Long do PDO Thread Lifts Last?2021-11-28T16:37:39+00:00

The PDO threads will begin to dissolve after about 4-6 months. However, their effects last much longer than 4-6 months in most people. This is because the threads stimulate collagen production in the area they were placed, which remains long after the threads dissolve. In many cases, the results of a PDO thread lift last up to two years.

How Long Does it Take for PDO Threads to Work?2021-11-28T16:35:39+00:00

Immediately after your PDO thread lift, you will notice an instant lift in the area treated. However, you will likely be swollen and could notice bruising and/or puckering. These are all to be expected! Although you will notice an immediate difference after your thread lift, it takes about 2-4 weeks for your treatment area to heal, and a total of 5 weeks for you to see the full effect of your thread lift.

PDO Thread Lift Cost2022-05-17T20:44:45+00:00

The cost of PDO threads in Arizona vary based on the following factors:

  1. The clinic’s location. Some areas of the state, such as Scottsdale, are generally more expensive vs. Gilbert where PDO thread lift prices are typically less expensive
  2. Who is performing the thread lift. This factor may or may not affect the price of PDO thread lifts. Typically plastic surgeons or dermatologists will charge higher prices than naturopathic doctors or nurses, however, this is not always the case.
  3. Treatment areas & the number of threads. The cost of your PDO thread lift will depend on how many threads are placed, and how many sections of the face are treated. The more threads and treatment areas, typically the more it will cost.

We price our PDO thread lifts per area. Areas are the forehead/eyes; the midface; the lower face/jawline; the neck. Each area (which includes both the right and left sides) ranges in price from $1000 $1,200. A full face thread lift (2-3 areas) costs (on average) between $2,500 to $3,500

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