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Anxiety Treatment Gilbert AZ

Our Naturopathic Doctors take a whole-person and holistic approach to anxiety treatment. They always take an individualized approach, understanding that every person is different.

At Onyx Integrative Medicine, we help you resolve your anxiety using a combination of natural therapies such as herbs, diet & lifestyle changes, counseling, and acupuncture that address the underlying imbalances that are causing your anxiety.

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Our Integrative Approach to Anxiety Treatment

Living with anxiety isn’t easy. It can severely affect your day-to-day life making the simplest tasks seem impossible and cause you to miss out on the things you once loved.

The truth is, anxiety is often a symptom of something greater.

Hormones imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle choices, as well as thought patterns, are often the underlying causes of anxiety.

This is why our Naturopathic Doctors take a whole-person, holistic approach to anxiety treatment.

The first step is identifying the underlying causes of your anxiety. This can include:

  • Birth control pills & hormonal IUDs
  • Antibiotic use & gut flora imbalances
  • Past trauma
  • Lack of exercise
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • Poor blood sugar control
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin D, magnesium, and B12
  • Low anti-oxidant, highly processed diets
  • Lack of meaningful social interactions
  • Excessive social media use

We offer advanced laboratory testing to uncover imbalances in gut flora, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones, food allergies, and genetic aberrations, which could be contributing to your symptoms.

After identifying the underlying causes of your anxiety, you and the doctor will create a comprehensive care plan to help you resolve your anxiety.

Our Anxiety Treatments Include

Naturopathic mental Health Treatment

Each treatment plan is completely customized to you.

At Onyx, it is our focus to approach your anxiety treatment with natural therapies that treat the underlying cause – not just mask the symptoms with medications. By treating the root cause, we’ll not only help you feel better, but we’ll also help you stay better so you won’t feel like you are on a roller coaster with your emotions anymore.

Our Naturopathic Doctors work with people in-person at their practice in Gilbert AZ, as well as people located all over the country via telemedicine. If you are ready to resolve your anxiety with natural therapies that treat the root cause, schedule an appointment today.

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Conventional Anxiety Treatment

The conventional treatment for anxiety is often ineffective long-term. This is because it only addresses the symptoms, not the underlying causes – here’s what happens with traditional treatments:

The most common conventional anxiety treatment is medication management and in some cases therapy. Anti-anxiety medications have a high dependency potential and are difficult to stop taking, otherwise anxiety returns. Also, they may be effective at decreasing feelings of anxiety in some people.

Most importantly, they never fix the underlying causes of your anxiety. In addition, after stopping these drugs, there is a high risk of rebound anxiety, which is often more intense than the original anxiety.

As you can see, simply taking medication is not enough if your goal is to resolve your anxiety through understanding where it is coming from and treating it at the source. This is why we always use a combination of natural therapies to achieve effective, lasting results.

Stop the cycle and start feeling like your self again through anxiety treatments that work to heal the body from the inside out. Schedule an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctors today.

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