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Integrative Medicine

At Onyx, as Naturopathic Doctors, we practice integrative medicine. Integrative medicine combines natural therapies with traditional medicine to work with your body and address the causes of the symptoms you’re experiencing, not simply suppress them. In addition, it also means focusing on the whole person. This means all symptoms — physical, mental, and emotional — are taken into account.

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How is a Naturopathic Doctor similar to a MD?

Integrative Medicine: Naturopathic Doctor

Like MD’s, Naturopathic Doctors are:

  • Licensed physicians in Arizona (medical health care providers in Kansas)
  • Licensed to diagnose and treat
  • Graduates of 4 year accredited medical school
  • Licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications (In Arizona)
  • Regulated by a Board of Examiners
  • Required to invest in yearly continuing education
  • Licensed to perform physical exams
  • Able to order laboratory testing and imaging

How is a Naturopathic Doctor different from a MD?

Naturopathic doctors receive a similar level of medical training to MDs and utilize similar diagnostic tools. However, their approach to health care differs from most medical doctors. Most importantly, Naturopathic Doctors focus on resolving symptoms by treating the root cause of disease. This means they use laboratory testing, as well as in-depth clinical assessments to identify why you have the symptoms you do and where they are coming from. Also, Naturopathic Doctors may order specialty testing to help identify the root cause of your condition including food allergy panels, adrenal stress tests, genetic/epigenetic testing, comprehensive hormone, and metabolic marker testing (Organic Acid Tests). Furthermore, it should be noted that your conventional doctor does not typically order these specialized tests.


In most cases, Naturopathic Doctors spend much more time with their patients to truly understand the person’s health condition and factors in their life that are contributing to their symptoms. Furthermore, they emphasize a therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient, where the doctor gets to know you, your lifestyle and can make specific recommendations, individualized to you. Most importantly, this also includes shared decision making in your healthcare.


Naturopathic Doctors have extensive training in pharmacology. This means they can assist in your medication management which includes helping you to understand side effects and strategies to reduce side effects. In addition, they can help you get off medications that are no longer necessary or not the best choice for your health. In short, licensed Naturopathic Doctors can prescribe most medications, understand that there are times where drugs are required, and can help you make informed decisions.


Naturopathic Doctors utilize a synergy of conventional and holistic therapies. What’s more, their focus is on treating the underlying cause of your health concerns and helping you to resolve your symptoms, not just mask them. Most importantly, the therapies Naturopathic Doctors use work with your body to strengthen its ability to heal itself as well as achieve results safely and efficiently. Every treatment plan is completely individualized to your personal health needs.

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Integrative Medicine Therapies May Include

Integrative Medicine Therapies
Acupuncture & Chinese medicine
Clinical nutrition
Counseling & Mind-body therapy
Diet & lifestyle counseling
Herbal medicine
Hormone replacement
IV therapy
Joint Injections
Medical aesthetics
*some services are not available in Kansas

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