Are you interested in working with our Naturopathic Doctors without leaving the comfort of your home?

Our telemedicine programs are the answer you have been looking for!

Working with our Naturopathic Doctors virtually has never been easier with telehealth and telemedicine.

We help you resolve health issues like anxiety & stress, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, food allergies, adrenal fatigue & more all from the comfort of your own home.


Telemedicine and telehealth allow you to work with licensed health care providers from anywhere using video chat communication. It means you can benefit from the expertise of a doctor that may be located far away from you, without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Our Naturopathic Doctors work with people from all over the country, and help then solve their health and wellness concerns using advanced laboratory testing, professional grade natural supplements, diet and nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, talk-therapy, and more.

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Benefits of Telemedicine:

Ability to work with an experts located outside of your city

Interactive and easy to use

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own home

Increased privacy

Accommodates your busy schedule

No travel expenses or time

No need for child care

No exposure to other potentially contagious patients

How Telemedicine Works

Step 1:

Schedule a 90-minute telemedicine consult with one of our Naturopathic Doctors. To prepare for your visit, fill out the initial paperwork in our patient portal.

Step 2:

Consult with our Naturopathic Doctors via video chat, sharing all of your health concerns – physical, mental, and emotional. Together you and the doctor will create a treatment plan to resolve your health concerns. He or she may also order specialty lab testing, such as advanced hormone testing, food allergy panels, or heavy metal testing, which is sent directly to your home to be completed.

Step 3:

Begin your treatment plan and start your health journey. All supplement recommendations are sent through an online medicinary, and are shipped right to your doorstep. See your health improve! Follow-up with your Naturopathic Doctor using video chat to ensure your health and well-being continue to progress.

Telemedicine with Onyx Integrative Medicine

Our telemedicine programs include one-on-one health consults with our Naturopathic Doctors through secure video chat as well as specialized laboratory testing, and personalized treatments that resolve the underlying imbalances of your health concerns.

As Naturopathic Doctors, we are licensed physicians in the state of Arizona who are extensively trained through our medical education by an accredited college. We have comprehensive knowledge on how the body works, why things go wrong, and how to resolve issues, not just cover them up with medications (or dozens of supplements). We understand how all parts of the body and mind are connected and treat you as a whole person with therapies that address the underlying imbalances in your health & wellness.

We can help you find solutions to your health concerns that are safe, natural, and effective.

Are you ready to not only resolve your health issues, but experience healing on physical, mental and emotional levels? You deserve to live an enriched life. Begin your health journey today.

Meet Our Doctors

telemedicine naturopathic doctor

Dr. Stephanie Nichols NMD

Areas of focus: Integrative treatment of anxiety, depression, bipolar, digestive issues, fatigue, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances.


Dr. Kasey Nichols NMD

Areas of focus: Integrative treatment of anxiety, sleep issues, depression, women’s health, men’s health, thyroid & adrenal, digestive issues.

When you partner with the Naturopathic Doctors at Onyx, you will experience a transformational shift in how you feel.

No more “band-aids” for your symptoms.
No more pushing through your fatigue, stress, or anxiety to get through your day.
No more struggling to lose weight only to gain it all back again.
No more living with painful periods, bloating, gas, or daily headaches.

What Our Telemedicine Patients are Saying:

best telemedicine

I have been working with Dr.Nichols for almost 6 months and have felt consistent progress in my health. It has been such a positive experience to have Dr. Nichols offer her experience, feedback and guidance in sessions that are not rushed, and feel genuinely heard. The ability to utilize the telehealth has been a game changer in my ability to focus on my health with my busy schedule. Absolutely recommend!! – Beth B

best telemedicine
Dr. Stephanie Nichols has been working with my teenage son for several months now and she is making a world of difference in his life! When we first contacted Dr. Nichols, our son was not himself at all and we had no idea what to do. Dr. Nichols was extremely thorough and attentive to finding the root cause of his problems. My son has made absolutely amazing progress under the care of Dr. Nichols and we are now seeing our son recover from some severe imbalances and turn back into the person we recognize again! Dr. Stephanie is absolutely wonderful and I am constantly recommending her to our family and friends! Elizabeth P
best telemedicine
Dr. Stephanie Nichols is fantastic! I am so thankful to have finally found such a knowledgeable doctor. Dr. Nichols has used telemedicine to assist me through my first pregnancy. She has made the experience comfortable and stress free and I could not recommend her more. Her abilities as a Doctor and her gracious character were evident from the start and have grown with time. Jessica Z

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